• Customized Iced Out Drip Letters
    Customized Iced Out Drip Letters

    Our newest customized product gives you a totally unique look. It's your personal statement in ...

  • Custom Baguette Iced out Pendant

    Iced out and custom made the Multi-Layer Baguette Custom is sure to upgrade any fit.

    Worn stacked with other pendants or solo with our Tennis Necklace, this piece is iced out and will stand out from the pack. 


  • Customizable turntable necklace

    Back for a limited run only! Join Future, Travis Scott, J Cole and handful of other attendees that are wearing the piece. Each piece is handmade, and flooded in hand-set stones.

  • Iced our Cursive Brush Baguette Design
    Iced our Cursive Brush Baguette Design


    Material:  10kgold / white gold platedCustom name necklace diamond name necklace  personalized image 0


    • Iced out Grilz, 8 set

      We can’t deny that grills teeth are becoming the most trendy item in the hip hop jewelry scene. It's an urban trend about the culture that we represent.
      Get your iced out hip hop Grillz. you'll be shining...

    • Solid Grillz

       Shoot us a message to connect to a crew member if you need help placing an order!

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